Silverwood Bakeware

Alan Silverwood range of bakeware
Silverwood Bakeware is designed and manufactured in Birmingham, United Kingdom. An impressive range of commercial-quality sandwich pans to unique and innovative mini cake pans, all these products share the same basic qualities:-
  • Traditional shapes that are attractive with practical design. 
  • Robust, heavy gauge, solid enduring construction. 
  • Special alloy this is a highly efficient heat conductor.
  • Easy-release and easy clean.
  • Can never rust, blister or peel.
  • Scratch resistant surface.
  • British made.

Silverwood Quiches and Flans

Silverwood Flans Tins
Compared with usual flan tins, Silverwood deep fluted flans
make the most luscious flans and quiches for two reasons - you can get more filling in because they are deeper and the pastry cooks far better. These fluted flans are at least 1½" deep and are brilliant for vegetarian-style recipes, such as with broccoli, where the filling can be quite bulky. 

The excellent heat distribution and conductivity will also cook your quiche about a third faster than usual. The highly conductive core ensures even, crisp baking every time.  With a Silverwood flan, there's no need to "blind bake" your pastry first. Simply ensure that your oven is hot, and put your filled flan into the oven without delay. 

And removing the flan is dead easy - just stand the dish on a small basin or cup and the sides will drop away leaving your quiche ready to serve, with a lovely fluted presentation. Used extensively in Celebrity Chef cookery books, magazine recipes and on television. They are available in 6 different sizes from the individual 3½" to a 11" party size.

Silverwood Continental Flans

Silverwood Continental Flans are based on the classic tinplate French shapes. They are perfect for desserts, as their shallower depth holds just the right amount of rich filling to pastry. Unlike tinplate, the edges are safe, they can never rust and they cook pastry beautifully. 
Delia's Key Lime Pie, Nigella's Chocolate Raspberry Tarts and Jamie's Almond Tart are just three of the dozens of recipes that Celebrity Chefs use these flans for.

They are shallower than our Deep Fluted Flans, because the amount of filling a deep flan tin would hold, would make them too rich. They also have a much more delicate, "pencil-fluted" edge, which looks much classier on a dessert flan.

But you'll find the real difference is in the quality of the pastry. The Continental Flans are made from a special alloy, which is one of the best conductors known. It conducts heat evenly and quickly, so that your pastry doesn't have time to become dry. It will truly be some of the best pastry you have ever cooked or tasted. 

Silverwood Quiche Provençal
The Silverwood Quiche Provençal is the perfect dish for making a quiche or even a pizza or dessert. The rectangular shape combined with the pencil-fluted edges make an everyday dish look that bit special. And cutting and serving square slices seems that much easier.

The corners of the Quiche Provençal are rounded so that the pastry can be easily dropped in and the pencil-fluted sides give an elegant finish. The excellent heat distribution and conductivity will also cook your quiche or pizza about a third faster than usual.

And removing it is dead easy - just stand the dish on a small basin or cup and ease away the sides leaving your quiche ready to serve, with a lovely fluted presentation. 

The Quiche Provençal can be equally used for desserts as for quiche and adds a sophisticated Mediterranean flavour to summer parties and picnics.

Silverwood Tart Maison

If you are thinking about a different shape the rectangular Silverwood Tarte Maison makes any open tart or flan look rather smart, whether for a formal occasion or just for when you're having a few friends round - and it's just as easy as making a round one.   We have used the Tarte Maison for Belgian Apple Flans, Chocolate Fudge Flans, as well as with fresh kiwi and strawberry tarts, but it would be equally at home making a savoury quiche.

Pies and Pizzas
Home-made raised pork pies and raised game pies have become popular again as we have become more adventurous cooks. 
But this small deep tin also makes a useful small cake mould for making "Thank You" cakes or even miniature Christmas cakes. The Silverwood 1lb Pork Pie Mould is a very useful and versatile tin!  British raised pies, including pork pies, game pies and even Christmas left-over pies, are all made with hot water pastry, which can be moulded by hand and worked up ("raised") the sides of the mould.  However, the mould also makes lovely small cakes. The mould also has a loose base, which combined with the easy-release properties makes it very easy to remove the pie or cake.  The Pork Pie Mould is 4" in diameter and almost 4" deep.  

Silverwood Tart Tatin
When you're looking for a dessert that's extra special, think Tarte Tatin - the very fashionable fruit tart that rocked Paris Society in the 1890's.  
Simple to make and yet sophisticated with a "wow" factor! The Silverwood Tarte Tatin Pan combines all the properties you need to make these desserts in the
traditional way, simply and effortlessly.

A Tarte Tatin was originally an upside-down, caramelised apple tart, but the Celebrity Chefs have created variations using pears, plums and nuts, and even a fabulous savoury recipe using tomatoes. The Silverwood Tarte Tatin is an extra heavy gauge pan. It conducts heat evenly and quickly, with no hot spots and will not buckle. The pan is firstly used on the top of the hob (including ceramic, halogen and Aga hobs), to caramelise the fruit, sugar and butter.

After the fruit is cooked, it is covered with pastry and baked in a hot oven. Next, used to be the tricky bit, but the Silverwood Pan has made it so easy. You have to turn the Tarte Tatin upside down onto a plate. The wide lip on this pan makes it so easy to do, that your Tarte Tatin is perfect every time.  They are available in 2 different sizes: the regular size 8" (20cm) and the 11" (28cm) "party size"

Silverwood Pizza Plates

Around 30 years ago, the first commercial pizza restaurants opened in the UK and Silverwood made their pizza plates. They were heavy gauge with excellent heat distribution, so the pizzas were baked and not dried out. 

Pizza Plates
The Silverwood Pizza Plate is still made to the identical commercial, heavy gauge specification to give you juicier, crisper authentic pizzas - and not a hole in sight!   The plate is absolutely solid, heavy gauge, 3mm thick throughout, so there is no chance it will distort or buckle. It is made from a special alloy, which is one of the best conductors known. It conducts heat evenly, so there is no burning or scorching of the base; and it cooks quickly.

You may be surprised that the base is not full of holes!  These are only necessary in cheaper products made from non-stick coated steel, where heat distribution is poor and the pizza base would become soggy if the steam were not let out. But, of course, letting out the moisture dries out the pizza rather than baking it.

Silverwood Pizza Plate is ideal for baking your own pizzas - if you have a breadmaker, it's very quick and satisfying to make your own; for cooking frozen pizzas; and even re-crisping those from your local pizzeria. We even found that it was good for baking a double crust apple tart.  These plates are available in 9", 11" and 14" diameters, which will cater for most pizzas.

Silverwood Pie Dish

Apple Pie
Another great traditional shape - the Deep Pie Dish.
Silverwood Pie Dish

In our grandparents' day, Sunday lunch would have been incomplete without a deep fruit pie. Packed with perhaps Bramley apples and a few hedgerow blackberries or some freshly picked cherries or raspberries. This dish also makes an excellent Lemon Meringue Pie or Steak & Kidney Pie.

The Silverwood Deep Pie Dish is the traditional shape for a Deep English Fruit Pie, with sloping sides and a rim for attaching pastry. The rim has been formed into a fluted edge to give your pastry the traditional hand-pinched effect 

The pie dish is 9" (23cm) diameter.

Silverwood Veal & Ham - Game Pie Mould

Game Pie Mould
The rectangular Foldaway Veal & Ham Pie Tin makes any pie or cake look rather smart, Veal and Ham - Game Piewhether for a formal occasion or just for when you're having a few friends round - and it's just as easy as making a round one.  This pie tin is ideal for all kinds of pork pies, game pies tea loaves and cakes, making an impressive looking meal or snack. The sides of the tin simply lift away to reveal your perfectly cooked pie, without damaging the edges of the pastry. But it's also useful to fold away for easy storage when not in use.  Suitable for recipes containing approximately 2lb of filling. The tin Measures approximately 23cm long x 9.5cm wide

Traybakes and Brownies

Silverwood Swiss Roll - Roullard Pans

Swiss Roll Tray
Traditional Swiss rolls, chocolate roulade, chestnut and chocolate rolls and many others are all made in this special tin. And if you never made one, home-baked vs factory-baked is just chalk and cheese. The Silverwood Swiss Roll Pan has a professional quality and shape - perfect for the job.

The first thing that you will notice is that the sides are all vertical and each corner is seam welded for maximum strength. These support the sponge as it is cooking and encourage a maximum rise for a lighter sponge.

The Swiss Roll Pan is made in the conventional recipe size (for a 3 egg whisked sponge) of 12" (30cm) x 8" (20cm) x 1" (2½cm) deep.

Silverwood Eyecatcher Brownie Trays

Slide-out Brownie Pan
When the Editor of BBC GoodFood Magazine says a new product is "simply brilliant" and the Cookery Editor of WI Home & Country says the idea is "simple but brilliant".  

Brownies and Traybakes have become very popular over the last few years. They're easy to make, easy to slice and are great for children's (of all ages) lunch boxes.

However, they can also be quite tricky to turn out of a tin without spoiling the crunchy top. Silverwood have solved the problem at a stroke.  The loose base of the EyeCatcher cake pans is attached to a side, making it rather like a sliding drawer. Just pull on the movable side and out slides the cooked cake, ready to be slid onto a cooling rack.

Ah, you're thinking, but won't the side open when I'm filling it.  No. the base has a small eye-shaped catch (hence the EyeCatcher name) which holds the base securely closed while you are putting in the mixture or carrying it to the oven.  And when the catch is in place, the sides fit snugly together, so there is no chance of any mixture leaking, either during filling or cooking.

When the traybake is cooked, just lift the movable side a touch and slide it out the cake. It's that simple.

There are a number of different sizes in the range which will suit most recipes you will find and they are all 2" deep.

Aga Quality Baking Sheets

Aga cooker ovens reach higher temperatures than conventional ovens and normal baking sheets could warp at these temperatures. 

Aga Shelf
Aga Guru Mary Berry asked Silverwood to make a special Baking Sheet, that would fit on the runners of the roasting oven and never warp. After testing half a dozen different gauges and designs, they succeeded in meeting Mary's criteria. And what a product it is! Mary's specification was: "The Baking Sheet must fit on the runners of the Aga® roasting oven and be capable of being left in the oven overnight at a high temperature and then be plunged into a sink of cold water without distorting or warping. The Baking Sheet must be able to do this time after time."

Silverwood rose to the challenge and their Aga Quality Baking Sheet is a tremendously strong, well engineered piece of kit for an Aga owner.  It is 3mm thick - that is really heavy gauge. For example, it's approximately 2x the thickness of a heavy duty roasting dish and more than 3x the thickness of a conventional baking sheet. Yet, it smoothly glides on the runners in the cooker, so that you can use it as a baking sheet or removable shelf. It is made from a special alloy, which is one of the best conductors known, so that it distributes heat quickly and evenly.

So if your cooking from scratch, your biscuits will be crisper; your pastry will be crisp but not dry and dough or cake recipes will rise more before they set. If you're reheating food, such as pizzas or pasties, the food will heat up more quickly throughout, so it will generally taste less "dry". 

Aga is a registered trademark. 

Silverwood Christmas Pudding Mould

Some people kChristmas Pudding Mouldnow it as a Christmas Pudding Mould and yet others refer to it as a Ball Cake Pan. Whatever you originally wanted it for, you will find many other uses, including making ice cream bombes and steamed puddings. 
Spider Spherical Mould

Traditional plum pudding has been made for centuries, but it was the Victorians who made a dried fruit pudding, the forerunner of today's Christmas Pudding.  They steamed or boiled the pudding, wrapped in a muslin cloth, which gave it it's traditional spherical shape - a bit tricky and a bit messy, but the best solution then.

Silverwood looked to update the muslin cloth and developed the Spherical Mould - two hollow hemispheres, clamped together and standing on a trivet.  You can steam or boil the puddings, according to your recipe, store them wrapped in greaseproof in the mould and then reheat them on Christmas Day.

But that's just for Christmas - you can use the mould all year round!  And don't forget a spherical ice cream bombe - a real centre piece. Use bought ice cream in different flavours or exotic home-made if you have an ice cream maker.

Full instructions are included for Christmas puddings, cakes, steamed puddings and ice cream bombes. 

4" (11cm) diamter mould makes a 1lb Christmas Pudding.
5" (13cm) diameter mould makes a 2lb Christmas Pudding.
6" (15cm) diameter mould makes a 4lb Christmas Pudding

Bread & Butter Basics

Silverwood Loaf Pans

Silverwood makes them from the same tools that were used to make loaf tins for commercial bakeries. They are the perfect shape for crusty loaves; they consistently bake perfect loaves; and they turn out perfectly. A bakery making hundred of loaves every day wouldn't tolerate anything less. 

Traditional Loaf Pans
At home, they bake excellent loaves but they're also great for baking cakes - tea loaves to squidgy chocolate cakes.

The loaf pans are available in ½lb, 1lb and 2lb sizes. These sizes make the statutory sizes of tin loaf that a baker was allowed to sell before metrication.

They are absolutely solid, heavy gauge throughout, so there is no chance they will distort or buckle. They are made from a special alloy, which is one of the best conductors known, which conducts heat evenly and quickly. The corners are rounded so that there is no overheating or scorching and the base is also heavy gauge.

V Loaf Pans
These tins are also great for baking sweet breads and cakes. Many recipes use paper liners, which are good for sticky texture cakes, such as gingerbread cakes.  And many people now batch bake squidgy cakes, (remember Delia's Chocolate Truffle, which cleared out the national supply of liquid glycerine!) in loaf tins with liners, and then freeze them and reuse the tins for their next batch.

Cakes and Sponges

Silverwood Battenberg Cake Tin
Battenberg Cake Tin
Probably one of the most recognised cakes around.Battenberg Cake The Battenberg cake was created in honour of the marriage in 1884 of Queen Victoria 's granddaughter to Prince Louis of Battenberg, with each of the four squares representing each of the four Battenberg princess. 

The 8" x 6" Battenberg cake pan is very easy to use. Full recipe & instructions are 

Simply bake the sponge recipe included and join each of the sponges together with apricot jam. Roll out your marzipan and wrap around the four sponge pieces.

Sliverwood Round Cake Pan

Round Cake Pan
The Classic Deep Round Cake Pan is used for so many occasions, from Christmas to

Weddings and everything between. Silverwood Deep Round Cake Pans are very popular with professional bakers and cake makers because of their consistent baking quality. As Delia once wrote, "If you're concerned about cost, then quality will actually be cheaper in the long run."

These heavy duty round pans are a full 3" or more deep and cook all cakes exceptionally well. The heat conduction is so good, that you will find that you can reduce your cooking time quite significantly. Removing the cake is dead easy - just stand the pan on a small basin or cup and ease away the body. 
A full range of sizes is available from 5" (13cm) to 12" (30cm). The cake pans up to and including 9" ( 23cm) are 3" deep. The 10" (25cm) is 3½" (9cm) deep; The 11" (28cm) is 3¾" (10cm). The 12" (30 cm) is 4¼" deep.

Silverwood Square Cake Pan

Square Cake Pan
Have no doubt, these are professional quality, British cakepans that will literally last forever. Sugarcraft decorators highly favour them because every side is the same length, the corners are absolutely at right angles and they are rigid - they exude engineering quality.

Silverwood Deep Square Cake Pans are virtually hand-made and you can tell. The sides are rigid and square and each corner is carefully seam-welded by hand to give extra strength. So we know that they are going to last - but how do they cook? In a word - "brilliantly".

A full range of sizes are available from 6 " (15cm) to 12" (30cm). The cake pans up to and including 9" ( 23cm) square are 3" deep. The 10" (25cm) square is 3½" (9cm) deep; The 11" (28cm) square is 3¾" (10cm) deep. The 12" (30 cm) square is 4¼" deep. The 14" (35cm square is 4¼" deep.

Silverwood Sandwich Tins

Silverwood Round Sandwich Pans
The first choice of many celebrity chefs and Delia has said it all: "To get a properly risen cake, it is most important to use a sponge tin that is at least 1½" deep, because depth of support at the sides encourages the cake to rise up and be as light and airy as possible. The cause of many a flat sponge is a sponge tin that is too shallow."

These Sandwich Pans all have vertical sides which gives a more classy looking sponge sandwich.The pans distribute heat quickly and evenly, which allows for a greater rise before the sponge sets, making it almost feather-light.

And, if you use a special recipe which produces a particularly light, runny batter? We are confident that these loose based pans will do the job, but for those who prefer to do things the way Granny did, there is also a selection of
solid based sandwich pans.